Better Companies, Better Software, Built in Kanata North.

Two Ottawa technology company executives discuss why they chose to open their company offices where they did.

24 Inspiring Books Every Business Leader Should Read

Take some suggestions from these executives and high-achieving leaders. A good book can be an escape from reality, an inciter of tears–or, for people intent on self-improvement–a sage tutor.

Revolutionize Your Franchising

While the franchise market typically uses legacy software that is slow to adapt to current technology, The Better Software Company’s fully integrated Franchise Operating System was written from the ground up over the last year and a half to provide the most up-to-date, innovative technology.

The Better Software Company to Sponsor the 50th Annual IFA Legal Symposium

The Better Software Company – which provides a fully integrated Franchise Operating System to franchisors and multi-location businesses to improve and simplify operations – will be familiarizing the franchise community with its Franchise Operating System at the 50th Annual International Franchise (IFA) Legal Symposium.

Introducing BPro Platform

The Better Software Company announces the release of BPro Platform: the business management solution for multi­location and franchise businesses

Lazaridis 10 announced!

The Better Software Company has been selected to join an exclusive cohort of the 10 best and most promising Canadian tech companies with huge potential.

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About The Better Software Company

The Better Software Company offers a fully-integrated Franchise Operating System (FOS) to help owners improve and simplify their entire business, using a cloud­-based model. Integrated features, including CRM, scheduling, billing & invoicing, reporting & analytics and inventory management, offer business owners simplicity and ease of use that will save time. The software is configured to service small and medium sized enterprises in a diversity of vertical markets. The Better Software Company is based in Ottawa, Canada.