Capture leads while you sleep.

Create forms that capture the most important customer information and send it directly to your franchise software with our Gravity Forms integration.

The most powerful form builder around, Gravity Forms lets you capture all of the information you need. Determine what information gets transferred to BPro by tagging every field individually. Then, you can choose whether to have the information added to your customer list automatically, or to review it before it goes through. When you start using the integration, you’ll notice there’s a new section in the Home tab for “Online” options, including “Online Forms.” You can manage your BPro and Gravity Forms connection from here.

Build the forms you need.

Whether you want to capture something simple like a name and address or something more advanced like a drop down list, Gravity Forms can do it all. You have the ability to capture information that’s actually relevant to you. Make your form multiple pages, multiple columns, or limit the number of entries for things like contests. Whatever information you’re trying to capture, do it with Gravity Forms.

Make it look just right.

Gravity forms is made to work with just about any WordPress theme. The standard design is simple to make sure it doesn’t clash, but with a little bit of work you can make it your own. Every part of your form can be isolated and altered so it can look just the way you want it to. Configure titles, messages, descriptions, or anything else you can think of. Basically, if you want to do it, Gravity Forms makes it easy.

Stay on top of your leads.

Notifications allow you to ensure the right people know when new customer information comes in. Send email updates with the latest entries to the people that matter, or make sure the person entering doesn’t feel neglected by setting up an automatic response email to send after they’ve submitted the form. Or incorporate your leads into your email marketing campaign through our Emma Email Marketing integration.

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