The right email at the right time.

Email marketing is a powerful way to stay in touch with your customers. With our Emma email marketing integration, it’s easy to keep things running smoothly with automated campaigns. BPro will push your customer’s name and email to Emma along with any upcoming or past jobs. From there, you can automatically send reminders and updates to your customers when it matters.

With a franchise business, you don’t want all of your customers to be connected to the same email campaigns. So with our Emma integration, we make sure your separate customer lists are segmented by location. The franchisor is able to view all possible locations, while franchisees and anyone else allowed is able to use the available templates to carry out campaigns.

Automate your workflows.

Your customers are all different, so make their email experience different. Set workflows based on how your customers respond to your emails. Send follow up emails depending on whether they opened or not, or whether they clicked on a link. Make sure their email experience reflects the way your customers are interacting with your emails.

Whatever order state your customer is in, you can automate a campaign to fit the messaging. Want to know how a job went? Automate a customer satisfaction survey to be sent out after it’s done. Just set up a quote? Send an email to say thank you for your interest. Whatever the situation, send an email that’s just right.

See how people respond.

With insights into how many opens, opt-outs, clicks, delivery and shares, there’s no question about whether or not people liked your email. Compare the performance of all your recent mailings to understand exactly what works, and what doesn’t. Perform A/B testing to take it a step further. Or take a look at the click map to see which of your links are most appealing. Emma email marketing makes all the insights you need to make informed changes and decisions easily accessible.

Marketing for your whole franchise.

Emma email marketing recognizes and understands a franchise structure, and allows you to run your marketing campaign in a way that fits your business. Customize the look and feel of your email marketing campaigns to reflect your brand. Create templates that can be shared with every one of your franchisees, and set different permissions to allow the people to trust to build and edit their own templates.

Ready to build your better business?