It’s important to make sure the value of your brand is reflected in your royalties.

The value of a franchise lies in the quality of the brand, and the fact that people are willing to pay to use that brand. But sometimes, franchise royalties can be complicated to calculate. Maybe you offer different rates for every franchisee. Maybe you have an agreement with multi-unit franchisees. Maybe you have a simple equation, but it still takes too long to calculate what every location owes. Whatever the problem, the BPro franchise royalty calculator makes it simple.

Build a foundation of trust with the franchise royalty calculator.


Set unique royalty rules for each location, or bundle them under one template.


Ensure consistency every billing period by using the same system to calculate.


Review where your money went with royalty report breakdowns, so there’s no

Built for franchise business systems.

There are so many factors that go into calculating your royalties, and not every franchise does it the same way. We make it easy for any business to set royalty rates that work. BPro simplifies franchise royalties with a comprehensive royalty creator and calculator. All you need to do is specify the parameters of your royalties and the software does the rest. If you use different royalties for every location, just set them up once and we’ll calculate them for you. You have the flexibility to set as many royalty templates as you like so you can charge all your franchisees a different rate or the same rate.

When royalties are due, it’s easy for both franchisors and franchisees to see how much money will be paid. And just so everything is clear, both parties are able to see a breakdown of their royalties, so there’s no question as to where the money is going. For franchisors, that means a look at which locations and orders generated money. Franchisees, on the other hand, are able to see how much money is being paid from each order for each royalty type. It offers a sense of transparency and trust so both party is well informed and no one feels let down. Everything is fair, because it all comes down to simple numbers.

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