Optimize and control every step of your sales pipeline with an order management system.

The secret to a successful business is all about finding the right formula to ensure consistent and measurable results, especially when it comes to completing orders. Without a consistent system, it’s challenging to accurately analyze how your business is performing because otherwise, there are too many variables to tell what is going right and what is going wrong. BPro offers a flexible, customizable system that allows you to make sure your sales process fits your business process. By implementing a consistent process across all locations, you’re able to pinpoint problem areas of your business and streamline your success.

It’s easy to manage your orders with the order list, where you can see every order ever created. You team can quickly reference current orders, create new ones or duplicate past jobs. You can search, so it’s easy to find an order based on the customer, contact information, date, or any other information you might have included with the order. The order list helps you save time when you’re dealing with repeat customers, and you can set up recurring orders so that you don’t have to worry about making any mistakes with your favourite customers.

Complete order management, right at your fingertips.


All the details of your orders and jobs in the same place to make work quick & simple.


Manage your quotes, open orders and closed sales easily to optimize conversions.


Every business, and every sales process is different. Customize it to suit yours.

Ensure success every step of the way.

Every job or order is built on the same foundation: what the customer wants, when they want it, and how much it costs. We build our order process around this structure so that it works for every business, but made it flexible enough that you can tweak the process to fit yours. The order management system lets you do everything you could possibly need to, all from the same place. It lets you add items to the cart, see and update customer info, schedule the order, assign a team, process payments, and so much more without ever having to spend time changing softwares or even searching through the system. Everything you need is always right in front of you.

When you have an established system, your team is able to become more and more efficient with practice, and you’re able to identify where and when issues come up. The more familiar they become with the system, the faster they are able to complete orders, and the more time everyone has for other tasks.

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