Our franchise management hub, designed with franchise systems in mind, gives you insights into your business so you no longer need to wonder how your franchise is doing.

The franchise management hub allows you to connect with your team efficiently and transparently, so you always have all the information. Data and insights from day-to-day activities from every location are transferred to the franchise management hub, while rules and processes are distributed across the franchise network. We supply you with all the tools you need to run your franchise business. Whether your franchise is international or works in a number of verticals, you can manage different areas of your business with sub-hubs. Each sub-hub can have its own set of rules and processes for franchisees to follow. Or you can run your entire franchise on one master hub. We give you everything you need to run your business your way.

Connect your business with a franchise management hub.


See the health of your entire franchise business at a glance and run your business the best way you know how to.


Real-time reporting and communications lets you know when to step in or step back to ensure franchisee and business success.


Maintain brand consistency and customer experience accross all locations and simplify franchisee onboarding.

Manage your franchise in a whole new way.

The ultimate challenge in a franchise system is finding a way to connect all of your franchisees, employees and locations. With a franchise management hub, you are able to ensure you and your franchisees are getting the most out of your business because franchise software should work for both your individual locations and your franchise as a whole. Simplify growth and onboarding with the ability to set specific rules and processes, so each franchisee that joins your team is prepare with all the tools and information they need to hit the ground running. Control customer experience by ensuring every location in your franchise is providing services the same way and pinpoint inconsistencies when they come up, so you can deploy corrections as soon as possible.

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