Employee management allows you to maintain full transparency and accountability on each and every job your team works.

Your business software is there to let your team do their jobs more effectively, and that means keeping track of where and when they’re being most effective. Simplify your human resources on a location-by-location basis with the tools to keep track of every detail like start dates, birthdays, payroll, contracts, and so much more. Whether you’re a team of two, 20, or 200, everyone should have everything they need to get the job done right.

Connect your business with a franchise management hub.


Stay on top of everything from timesheets and payroll to individual contributions.


Give every person the information they need to do their best work.


Identify top performers by knowing exactly how hard your team is working.

Bring your team together.

Our employee management tool allows you to track everything your team does. Employees can use it to punch in and out, and it will automatically generate a timesheet. Simplify paydays by determining exactly how much each employee earns, and the software will do the math based on the hours worked. If employees are late, they’ll have to explain why before they can punch in. Store important information like contact, like social media profiles.

Employee management software allows you to assign jobs to your team so there’s no question of who needs to do what. Every employee should have access to the software, but not every everyone should have access to every part of it. Customizable permissions allow you to control exactly what every person in your business is allowed to see. So you can make sure your secretary has access to the full customer list, while your technicians just see the customers related to the jobs they have. The power is yours.

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