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Brand management is an ongoing process that involves maintaining consistency around your brand and delivering on the values your organization holds dear to forge a positive association with your customers. It’s a critical business practice for organizations of any size who want to stay relevant in the minds of today’s powerful consumers.

Inspire a positive brand perception

Your brand isn’t just a logo, campaign, or tagline. It’s the culmination of every experience a person has with your organization — which leaves a perception in their mind. Unfortunately, you can’t control perceptions. You can only influence them. There are three important things your organization can do consistently to influence positive associations with your brand:

1. Follow through on your promises

2. Deliver genuine, customer-centric experiences

3. Behave with integrity

Rally your employees around your brand

Your employees are absolutely essential to managing your brand. After all, they’re the ones who interact with your customers, buyers, and partners every day. The more you communicate about what the brand means to them and how they can move it forward, the more they’ll evangelize your brand and contribute to the success of your business.

For example, if a customer loves your cleaning service and trusts your brand, they’re likely to become recurring customers and recommend your services to others. People tend to gravitate towards what they already know, especially if they’ve had a good experience.

Safeguard your brand

There’s only so much you can do to manage your brand if you’re not controlling your brand assets. Logos, photos, product images, sales collateral, and videos have a value associated with them, which needs to be protected.

A proven strategy for safeguarding your brand is digital asset management. A DAM system organizes and distributes brand assets from a central hub like BPro, serving as a single source of truth for brand visibility, monitoring, and consistency. A DAM system through BPro can help your organization:

  • Create a digital gateway for your brand by using a branded login page, dashboard messages, custom URLs, and more.
  • Share more memorable and meaningful stories by using brand portals, shared collections, embed codes, and share links.
  • Segment marketing stories by business group, audience, content type, and more using metadata, categories, and search filters.
  • Personalize brand experiences using asset groups tailored to different audiences, and localizing the brand with custom sales collateral.
  • Save brand guidelines where people can easily find them, centralizing brand assets and standards in one location with on-demand access.
  • Track how brand assets are being used online, by whom, where, and when using asset-level and site-level content analytics.

This single-source-of-truth strategy enables you to simplify both employee and customer experiences — a common quest for many modern-day marketers.

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