Be better.

We think business can change the world and we want people who can help make it happen. We’re always looking for talented and inspiring individuals who have a passion for tech and for helping prove Small Business Matters.

Better Life

Better life.

Our team works hard because we’re passionate about what we do, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a blast while we do it. We work primarily out of Ottawa, surrounded by running and biking paths, with food trucks and breweries right around the corner. There’s free parking, bike racks and a bus stop right in front of the building, which, by the way, is shaped like a stealth fighter jet.

The bright, open-concept space we all work in encourages collaboration and provides an environment that promotes a strong team dynamic. We have communal work spaces, great music, bean bags, a hammock and even a Tiki bar that we open up on Fridays.

Our CEO used to own a party rental store, so he can’t pass up the opportunity for a good party. St. Patrick’s Day, spirit days and even Fridays are a big deal to us! We also like to get out in the community and participate in local events like hope volleyball, mud hero and lots of fun charity runs.

Better Snacks

Better snacks.

There is coffee for everyone and a fully stocked tea drawer for those tea fanatics. We always have fresh fruit and vegetables available, along with snacks, candy and just about every kind of bagel you can think of. Not to mention our special 2:00pm snacks that are a huge hit, and every now and then, pizza on Friday! And you just never know when you might see some other special little visitors...

Better people.

A strong, positive culture is the most powerful part of a company. It encompasses the courage that lets someone bring an idea forward that improves the company. It makes the shy, the introverted, feel safe enough to step forward and show what they can do. It gives everyone something to draw on when times are difficult. The culture of a company creates the atmosphere, and that atmosphere is what lets everyone involved do things that no one would think is possible. Without the right culture, a company might succeed, but it can never triumph.

Each and every member of our team is essential to the growth and culture of The Better Software Company.

Better you.

We want our team to be at the top of their game, every single day. So we take care of each other. Here’s just a few of the perks of working with us:

Better You
  • Full Employee Benefits. Yup, even dental.
  • Personal Days. Because sometimes, you just need a day.
  • Learning and Courses: Available and compensated for.
  • Entrepreneurial Environment: Own your own small biz/side hustle.
  • Access to Trade Shows and Talks: Never stop learning.
  • Free Snacks and Coffee: Um, yes please.
  • Beer and Wine (and sometimes pizza!) on Fridays.
  • Tiki Time: the chance to celebrate all the hard work you and the rest of the team has done each week.

Ready to build your better business?