As all entrepreneurs know, the beginning of a new year can be both a time of reflection as well as a time for setting goals for the upcoming year. Setting goals can be one of the most powerful exercises an entrepreneur can do to identify a clear vision for their brand.

Creating a clear vision for the future is important for your team as well as your customers. Just like any tradesman needs the appropriate tools for their trade to do their job effectively, it is important to provide your team with the appropriate tools to effectively communicate your brand.

When growing my businesses I found this to be one of the main factors that contributed to our success in any industry. Your brand is how people remember you and how they feel when they see your logo, your truck or even an invoice. That is why we created the Customize Branding feature in BPro. Every business has their own brand and messaging and your software should have customizable tools to help you communicate your brand and message to your team and customers.

Using the customize tool in BPro you can tailor your invoices, quotes, email marketing campaigns, business emails, roles, and permissions to reflect your brand, which is ultimately a reflection of the entrepreneur in most cases. Creating branded quotes and invoices using the invoice templates tool in BPro allows you to use your logo, company colors, and messaging to ensure that every customer receives branded communication in every interaction.

BPro also allows you to create branded email marketing campaigns to promote seasonal offerings, loyalty programs, monthly newsletters, and much more. Keeping in constant contact with your customers with branded messaging will keep you top of mind.

All of this is possible through your franchise hub in BPro. Franchise hubs allow for the franchisor to dictate brand colors, logos and messaging to ensure that all of your customers receive the same brand experience regardless of the location that they visit. With a consistent brand message, you will create brand loyalty. This can be one of the most powerful advantages any franchise business can have over their competitors. With a strong brand that customers trust, they will refer you to everyone they know and swear by your services.

What are you doing in 2019 to take your brand to the next level?

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