What do BPro and the Netflix movie “The Founder” have in common?

In the Netflix movie “The Founder” Ray meets with the two McDonald brothers, Maurice "Mac" and Richard "Dick" McDonald. Dick explains the high-quality food and lightning-fast service are the backbones of their restaurant. Ray suggests that the brothers franchise the restaurant, but they hesitate; pointing out that they already tried, only to have encountered absentee franchisees who were lackadaisical in upholding their system. Ray persists and eventually convinces the brothers to allow him to lead their franchising efforts.

In my journey as an entrepreneur, I was always able to create a strong product coupled with excellent customer service. But like the McDonald’s brother’s, I always struggled to maintain the same level of service and consistency once expanding to multiple locations. Moving from industry to industry, every new franchise called for different software, and none of the systems were compatible with the specific needs of different industries. The lack of automation continuously hindered my ability to scale and affected my success.

What do these two origin stories have in common? Similarly to the McDonald’s brothers story, I was constantly looking for ways to ensure the same customer experience regardless of the location my customers were visiting. This is when I approached a friend of mine to develop a software program to streamline my internal communications and delivery processes to deliver a consistent experience to all of my customers.

The development of BPro software was an absolute game-changer for my franchises. I was now able to implement a consistent process among all of my stores by providing my staff with the tools that they needed in order to be successful. Bpro also allowed me to gain visibility into the daily KPI’s of my businesses without having to be on site.

What we can all learn from the McDonald’s story is that one of the major keys to any successful franchise business is providing a consistent product, with an excellent customer experience. Without consistency, you will lose the trust of your customers and your brand will suffer. With Bpro, you can define your process, your way and ensure that every customer receives the same experience that they have come to expect from your brand regardless of the location.

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