It seems like if you’re a business owner these days, you’re constantly plagued by ads and questions about how to best manage your customer relationships.

Once you’ve closed them, retaining customers is the ultimate goal in business. Having a strong relationship with those customers is a huge factor in keeping them around. It’s no longer enough to just keep track of what customers you have, you now need to keep track of what they need and how they feel.

A CRM is one of the best tools to do that, and here’s why.

You stand apart when you know your customer’s name.

Why your franchise service business should be using a CRM

It makes things personal.

With a CRM, not only are you able to provide the best experience, or a consistent experience, but you’re able to provide a unique experience. You stand apart when you know your customer’s name. You earn major brownie points when every last one of your technicians know the kids are sleeping during the day, or not to let the dog out. When used properly, a CRM puts you miles ahead of the competition because you don’t seem like any old company; you seem like a friend.

And making things personal has the added benefit of being able to keep track of exactly which customers are profitable and worth spending more time on, and which ones should be nurtured more gently.

It makes it easier to create happy customers, and a happy customer is a loyal customer.

Why your franchise service business should be using a CRM

It improves your timing.

Closing sales is all about talking to people at the right time. Just look at HubSpot’s buyer’s journey — if you’re reaching people too early or too late, you can lose them. In service businesses, repeat customers are your bread and butter. You don’t want to be too pushy, but you want to make sure they never feel forgotten. A CRM helps you find that balance.

It improves your business process.

Everything is about closing that sale. With a CRM, you can monitor exactly what works, and when you pair it with tools or a system that tracks your process, you can record exactly where things go wrong with which customers. And you can ensure that everyone is using the CRM, because it’s a tool that is most effective when everyone is on board.

It takes customer experience as a whole to the next level. You’re able to adjust your strategies knowing what works and what doesn’t.

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